«Le Perlé de Gimonnet»
Créé en 1947 par Pierre Gimonnet

This cuvée is the concept of « pearl » Champagne that we find in very few Champagne producers. Historically created for catering (for « the cut », but also to accompany a meal), this cuvée is made in « small foam ». At the time of bottling, the prize de mousse at the origin of the effervescence in the flute is limited by a reduced addition of sugar (20 g instead of 24 g for a full mousse).

Thus, its foam is particularly fine, “creamy” so as not to disturb either the palate or the taste buds.
Here is an excellent Champagne spirit, perfect for the aperitif, and which will flourish throughout the meal and surprise your guests with its beautiful freshness and its « elegant substance ».

For Didier Gimonnet, it is “a Champagne of delight. We bite into a juicy fruit with a refreshing texture ”.


  • Bouteille (75cl)
  • Millésime 2015
  • Millésime 2016

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